Race Aid Stations

The Irving Marathon urges all runners to consult their individual physician to educate themselves about medical issues and risks relating to running for extended periods. Only a physician who is familiar with your personal medical history, your current health, your medications, and your specific medicalcondition(s) and risk factors, can advise you as to whether you are fit to run the Irving Marathon safely and the precautions and preparations you should take.

All runners are highly encouraged to have a CTA for physician referral.  

For more tips and resources:  www.BAYLORHEALTH.com or 1.800.4BAYLOR

Responsibilities of every participant:

1. Consult your physician.

2. Fill out the Emergency Information and Medical History form on the reverse of your bib number.

3. Listen to the weather forecast.  Know the risks and plan accordingly when running during the hot or cold conditions.  Heat-related injuries are life threatening conditions.  Adjust your race and hydration plan accordingly.

4. Develop and implement your individual plan for hydration.  Be prepared to adjust your plan given the weather conditions and how you are feeling during the race.  

5.  If you experience or feel you are about to experience a medical problem, ask for help immediately.  It is foolish and dangerous to abuse your body.

6.  Help your fellow participants. 


Race Recovery

Race Recovery will be located at the Toyota Music Factory, near the finish line.  As runners complete their event, they are encouraged to stop by the Baylor Mobile Unit if they feel they may need medical attention.  Baylor staff will also be located at the finish line observing runners.  

Complete list of all aid stations coming soon!

The 2019 Irving Marathon attracted thousands to the Toyota Music Factory. Athletes took on a course through Las Colinas, and enjoyed entertainment at the finish line. Watch to hear from some of the runners, and learn about the event's push for growth. The marathon raises funds for the Baylor Scott & White-Irving Foundation.